25 February 2013

Bangladesh and the West: The Problem of News Media Silence

- from our correspondent at the Augean Stables

Of course Benghazi wasn't an Obama-conspiracy. It was no more than a debacle. But not a debacle that can be abstracted from Western difficulties to understand and address the islamist threat. I for myself have now gone one step further than Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Koenraad Elst, who say that islam itself is the problem and Muslims must be severed entirely from their islamic belief system, if we do not want to be left with the only option of violent self-defense against Muslims being led and terrorised by islamist rabble into an anti-Western insurgency. I explained my thinking in my piece on "Natural law and Friedrich Nietzsche's discovery of the individual. Or how it is not the madness of the prophet that is the problem, but his godforsaken self-righteousness and disrespect of the natural law". I think I posted it as a reply somewhere else on this blog, but can't find it anymore.

My new position is not practically in contradiction with Ayaan Hirsi Ali's and Koenraad Elst's position, i.e. the end result at which it is aimed is the same. I just think it is clearer and less exposed to the inevitable ad hominem counter-attack of islamophobia to say: we do not even fear Muslims (people) adhering to their self-righteous islamic beliefs (prophet) as long as they respect our own and everybody else's right of life, liberty and property. I myself don't know how both could be reconciled. But if Muslisms find a way to do so, they're always welcome.

It also has the advantage of not offering any compromise to the Western social-democratic (leftist) ideologues' own self-righteous disrespect of the natural law (the individual right of life, liberty and property, with property rights and freedom of contract being their main and explicit targets). Because it is Western social-democratic self-righteousness that explains the natural affinity Western multi-culturalist and relativist ideologues appear to be developing with islamist ideologues. Anti-capitalism, anti-Zionism, and anti-Western insurgency, it's one same self-righteous struggle against the 'oppressors'.

I'm using my own blog now to keep some order, and to prepare I don't know what yet for the 2014 Belgian federal election, which will be a tough and very confused fight between the social-democratic mainstream parties backed-up by the MSNM and a reborn Flemish nationalist party attracting the not so nationalist protest votes of liberal-conservative Flemish voters in great numbers. The fight of the social-democratic mainstream parties against the Flemish nationalist challenger, with misrepresentation of the challenger's position and motives being greatly facilitated by this nationalist ideological heritage, actually started with the 2007 election, and it has already become impossible to untwist all the twisting that has been going on since then. It is fearsome, I can tell you. And as Koenraad Elst somewhere says from his Indian background, "a few well placed bullets" can have serious consequences in such a situation. 

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