24 February 2013

Little movie on islamic injustice (as a counterpoint to Gerald Scarfe's anti-semitic blood libel cartoon)

- by the emperor, showing that he is no heartless fellow

Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Theo van Gogh are known for having produced a little film about islam. I've never seen it. Because I didn't feel the need to see it. I already had a little film in my own head, no longer than 30 seconds, less time than you need to read my description of it.

There are two sequences of 15 seconds each, the first coming from some TV pictures I once saw on the news, the kind of pictures preceded by a warning about their disturbing character. It was from an execution of a woman by the taliban, pictures of her being put to death for adultery in some football stadium. You saw it all happen from afar, she walking forward under her light blue burqa, followed by a taliban man dressed in brown, leisurely carrying his kalashnikov in his arms across his chest. She kneeling down and he lowering his kalashnikov to shoot her through the head. 15 seconds. You could see some smoke, and her head exploding under her burqa, how her body was knocked forward, and how she fell on her face. Her life destroyed by some unassuming self-righteous taliban man in a football stadium. In front of I don't know whom.

The second sequence of 15 seconds then played out in my head, after the first sequence almost made me puke, feeling the sickness in my stomach, so that I could not help myself anymore, and wept. Thinking about her beautiful brown skin, her lovable cunt swollen with lust and wet with desire, her eyes inundated with pleasure. Thinking of her, how she was destroyed because of all that, in the name of islamic justice. How her life was taken away from her simply because she was a divine creature made for producing happiness, pleasure and joy in limitless quantities. And how one should tell Ahmadinejad, that this repulsive 'phenomenon' called islamic justice, is proof of the godforsaken madness of the prophet. Proof beyond any doubt. Notwithstanding the fact that even in our Western world there are positivists who deny that such a thing as islamic injustice can be rationally proven. 

May God have mercy on our helpless souls.

PS: For those who find the use of the word 'cunt' pornographic and inappropriate for a prayer: pornography is nothing less than a natural theory of life, and a definitively proven theory, mind you, not just some speculation. The proof is with yourself: where do you think you come from? 

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